Katakura WBLC and facts about the Dutch language Katakura WBLC and facts about the Dutch language

The Dutch language is spoken in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is commonly referred to as Holland. The country had been given this name because most of the land resides under sea levels. In addition to this the Netherland is known because of the most beautiful canals and windmills. Do you want to learn Dutch yourself? You can do that at Katakura WBLC. At Katakura WBLC you can attend Dutch courses at the level that fits your needs. The courses are designed in a way that is easy to comprehend for beginners. The language can be put in to practice right away! In this article we will inform you with some facts about the Dutch language!

The connection between the Dutch and French language

French has influenced a bunch of languages around the world. The French had influenced the Dutch language a lot! In the 19th and 20th century many French words are added to the Dutch language. The words were added due to culture which is known to spread among people very fast. An example of a word that has his origin in France is the Dutch word: “Kaduuk”. The French word is known as “caduque” which means that something is broken.

Dutch is the easiest foreign language to learn for Englishman

Due to the Germanic roots of both Dutch and English, The languages bear a lot of similarities. Dutch is somewhere in the middle between the German and English language. While the Dutch language tends to leave the verb and the end of the sentences like they do in Germany. While the German language uses three definite articles: Der, die and das. The Dutch language only uses two of them, De and Het. Dutch is known for its notoriously difficult pronunciation.  The pronunciation of some Dutch words like: Scheveningen, will show you immediately if the speaker of the Dutch language is a native speaker or not.

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