Ways to learn Dutch fast and easy Ways to learn Dutch fast and easy

The easiest way to learn Dutch fast is by following a Dutch course in Amsterdam. There are some tips to help prepare yourself for a Dutch course in Amsterdam. Beside the tips for the courses, you will find some other tips to learn Dutch fast and easy in this article.


Follow YouTube channels

There are a lot of YouTube channels that will learn you Dutch. You can use these channels to make a start before you go to a Dutch course. You can use these channels also for practicing the stuff you learned at the courses. The best thing about YouTube is that it’s free.


Watch Dutch television with subtitles

Maybe it’s crazy for you to listen to Dutch television because you do not understand anything they say. But it will work, you will hear how a conversation sounds and make it your own if you are reading the subtitles. A lot of children use this way to learn foreign languages, particularly English. If they can do it, so can you. Next time you check out Netflix, choose a Dutch film en practise your language skills.


Read children’s books

When you start learning Dutch, the best thing you can do is to start at the beginning. Dutch children start with reading children’s books and this will help to, so it will help you. You will learn how to read and pronounce Dutch words decently. You used this way for your own native language, so this will help you with learning a new language like Dutch. One of the best children’s books is Jip en Janneke. It’s very cleverly written but also very simple.


You know have some tips and tricks to start learning Dutch. When you do these things before your course, you will have a head start when you attend it.

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