Intensive learning at Katakura WBLC Intensive learning at Katakura WBLC

Intensive learning at Katakura WBLC

Intensive learning of the Dutch language at Katakura WBLC, you will be taught the right way to kick-start your journey in learning Dutch. Katakura WBLC will be honoured to teach you and make sure you can talk to locals, get that crucial job interview and make life a lot easier in The Netherlands. Our secret to effective teaching and student success begins with our small class size. Our class size ranges from six to nine participants, which enable teachers to maximize their attention on the individual student while guaranteeing them a dynamic learning environment. Courses are conducted in the target language, to give students a possibility to practice the Dutch language and to feel comfortable with using the language outside of Dutch First School. The previous students at Katakura WBLC will all tell you this, sign up and never look back. Our teachers with years of experience will gladly help you.

Katakura WBLC learning Dutch

Learn Dutch the correct way in your own tempo. Katakura WBLC will provide you with everything you need in order to succeed. We selectively recruit qualified teachers, linguists, and language specialists as educators so we can ensure the highest possible standard of instruction. We have an international team with teaching experience in Netherlands as well as other countries. Our main goal is to help you reach your goals and give you the opportunity to learn in an agreeable and friendly atmosphere. Katakura specialises in finding you the right job, in which Dutch is not required. Though, while living in the Netherlands, we assume you would like to learn the Dutch language. The teachers of the Katakura WBLC will all gladly help you and hand you the tools to highly-improve your Dutch.

Quick and intensive learning at Katakura WBLC

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