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CleanNA is a company that does a lot of work with DNA. It is important that scientist continue doing research about the DNA from human, plants and animals. This is important to cure diseases and things like that. DNA is small and that is why it is not easy to analyse it. When scientists want to analyse the DNA, they need help from the products of CleanNA.


First, I give some information about the DNA. I will give some information about what this is. This is important otherwise you will not understand the importance of the company CleanNa. DNA looks like a twisted stair with two sticks. The DNA is a molecule which include all the information about a person. DNA is saved in the heart of every cell that is in the human body. DNA is also included in the cells of plants and animals. The information what is in the DNA will get into the body because of the protein. This protein will get into the body and arrange a lot of thing in the body. A thing it arranged is the fact that oxygen get into the body. It is important that scientist doing research about the DNA to cure diseases and things like that. It is important that the human, plants or animals get stronger every time. This is possible with the help of the company CleanNa. In the next chapter there will be some information about the fact that CleanNa help the scientist doing their research.


CleanNa is an important company for the whole world. This is important for a few examples. DNA must be analysed to make the person or animal stronger. This is only possible when the DNA can be analysed. The scientists can only analyse the DNA with the products of CleanNa. This company make chemicals that will help the scientist analyse the DNA. With the chemicals it is possible to cut the DNA in pieces without breaking it.

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